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Gabonarosta, gabonatisztító gépek

Gabonatisztító gép
Gabonatisztító gép
Gabonatisztító gép
Gabonatisztító gép
Dear visitor!

Our company was founded in 2010 with the purpose of providing the machines and equipment needed by agriculturists, small farms for production, primary processing and sale. Our company provides tractors for universal, as well as for agricultural purposes and machinery used in agriculture; as well as equipment, which can help you, as producers, to raise the quality and value of your products to a higher level (for example grain-cleaning screens, pasteurizing and packaging lines for milk and juice, milk dispensers).

In addition, due to our good partnership relations developed and maintained with several associations of keepers of bovine animals from the country and from various European states, we offer breeding animals with a high breeding value to anyone who is interested (domestic, as well as German, Swiss, Austrian, Hungarian imported pregnant heifers, milking cows, beef cattle).

Due to the fact that our trading company offers the products of manufacturers of European origin, which are characterized by a high level of flexibility in order to satisfy your needs, we hope that together we can find a solution to meet any specific requirement.
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